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The Company

Autobuses Urbanos de Bilbao Biobide has been the concessionaire of Bilbao's urban bus system, Bilbobus, since may 2012. Bilbobus operates 43 lines (eight of which are night lines), has a fleet of 147 buses, deals with 25.8 million passengers (2013), runs 6.3 million kilometres and employs a workforce of  625.

By operating Bilbobus, Biobide aims to become a reference point for mobility in the city. In order to achieve this end, it is going to place all its enthusiasm, endeavour and technology at the service of Bilbao through significant improvements in terms of fleet renewal and accessibility, lower emissions of gases into the atmosphere, more frequent services on main lines and by providing passengers with full information. And all without losing sight of its main objective: to offer the people of Bilbao a public transport service of the utmost quality.

This undertaking, entered upon by Biobide, Bilbao City Council and numerous social interest groups, is set to bring significant improvements to the bus service in the city.

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