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Quality policy

Biobide's prime objective is to fully meet the needs and expectations of its Customers, and to work for more sustainable resource use and mobility, complying at all times with the legal requirements and regulations applicable to its sector.

The achievement of this objective has led the networks operated by Biobide Transport in Spain to implement a Quality Management System based on the model defined by the standard UNE-EN ISO 9001, UNE-EN ISO 13816 and to enter into specific Service Quality undertakings with regard its Customers:

  • Punctuality and Regularity
  • Accessibility and Easy use
  • Adaptation of routes, frequencies and timetable to mobility requirements
  • Public information at all stops
  • Customer Care and Quality Relationships with those who work with us
  • Comfort and Cleanliness
  • Professionalism and In-service training
  • Maximum safety for Customers and Workers
  • Fraud Control
  • Citizens' Participation and contribution to a better society
  • Maximum respect for the Environment and Contribution to Sustainable Development

In order to describe this quality policy and the basic elements needed to ensure it, a Quality Manual based on UNE-ISO 9001:2000 has been designed and whose stipulations are obligatory throughout the Company (central services and certified networks).

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