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Autobuses Urbanos de Bilbao Biobide strives to provide the Bilbao Public Transport Service with solutions based on its wide knowledge in the field of mobility management, and places its experience at the service of the local authorities and citizens, who believe in the Public Transport service, which, in turn, must meet up to Customer expectations in terms of reliability, comfort and quality.

These service and quality guidelines are framed within the concept of sustainable development, Autobuses Urbanos de Bilbao Biobide believing that such development provides an opportunity to improve the environment we live in, whilst also meeting Customer needs. Not for nothing do 52 buses in the 152-strong fleet run on 20% biodiesel. The latest vehicles to join the fleet are fitted with low-emission engines and meet the most demanding environmental requirements (Euro V and EEV).

They also incorporate recyclable materials, biodegradable paint, plastic and rubber, tinted glass to save energy (heat in summer and cold in winter), etc.
Another of Autobuses Urbanos de Bilbao Biobide challenges is to achieve total vehicle accessibility, all recently-acquired vehicles being designed for people with reduced mobility.

Autobuses Urbanos de Bilbao Biobide has a 98% of its fleet  fully prepared for people with reduced mobility. They have large, bright, internal and external signs, ramps for Customers with reduced mobility, non-slip floors, seats reserved for people with a right to special attention, ergonomic seats for Customer comfort, areas for wheelchairs and prams, continuous, step-free, low decks, pavement-tilt systems to make getting on and off easier, etc.

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