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Autobuses Urbanos de Bilbao Biobide´s team is the Company's foremost asset. The team consists of drivers, inspectors and Traffic managers, Administration and Maintenance Service staff. The quality of the service provided to the public depends on these people.

Operations Department

This Department runs and supervises the entire bus service: designing timetables and frequencies, routes, the circuit network, allocation of the number of vehicles per line, Operations and route improvement studies, etc. It also hires and then trains all the Company's drivers.

Administration and Personnel Department

This Department supervises and manages the different areas of the Company, dealing with accounts, payrolls, daily takings, negotiations and relationships with banks and suppliers, and obtaining financing, among other things.


Maintenance Department

Formed by an expert team of professional mechanics, this Department makes sure that the entire Autobuses Urbanos de Bilbao Biobide vehicle fleet is in perfect condition to provide the service (maintenance, cleaning and fuel supply) and deals with repairs, spare parts, etc. It is also responsible for the maintenance of all the electronic systems fitted on our buses and maintenance at our facilities.

Marketing Department

It is this Department's job to promote the use of Urban Transport through information, awareness and promotion campaigns, by working together with the institutions and social interest groups, and coordinating the Company's internal and external communications. It also communicates news and information of interest to Customers, such as timetable guides and information at stops, and deals with complaints, which allow us to detect many of our Customers' transport needs and points which can be improved.

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